Manganese Ore

We share strong association with leading Mn Ore mining companies and we have dedicated buyer base for domestic trading of Mn Ore - Lumps, Chips as well as Fines in India. We are marketing Mn Ore, of various grades, to various Ferro Alloys producers, across India, sourced from South Africa, Gabon, Indonesia, Turkey as well as from large Mn Ore mining companies in India.

Export of Manganese Ore
We offer Mn Ore for export from India as well as other countries such as Indonesia, Gabon, South Africa and Philippines
Our Manganese Ore Grades
Domestic Ore - We supply Mn Ore Grade starting from 28% to 40% available within India. 

Imported Ore – We import High Grade Ore starting from Mn Grade 35% to 50% from South Africa, Gabon, Indonesia & Philippines